I make customized WordPress websites…because your business is not a template.


WordPress is a Content Management System. It provides a user-friendly interface that lets you add, remove, and edit content to your website.

A Content Management System allows you to manage your website’s content without knowing how to code. This is the perfect solution for website owners who may have frequent changes to their website’s content even after their web developer has handed their website over to them. Want to manage your content yourself? Get started with a WordPress website now.


Make no mistake – a person who simply knows how to install a WordPress theme for you and charges you money for it is not a WordPress developer.

Instead of just grabbing a generic WordPress theme on the market, setting it up in a WordPress installation, and handing it over to you in exchange for easy money, I myself actually design and develop the theme for you. That’s the whole point of customization (so be careful when hiring “WordPress developers”).

Legit customized WordPress site? Work with me.