Custom Website

I care for my client’s business. I help with a custom website that is tailored to your specific needs.


A professionally-designed custom website is an investment. It’s your customers’ virtual doorstep to your business. Believe it or not, your website is for your customers, not for you.

At one point, every customer needs one (or all) of the following information about your business:

  • Products/services
  • Location (directions please, how to get there?)
  • Opening/closing hours
  • Policies
  • Contact information
  • And many more!

All of these could be on our website, and your customers will thank you. Your website converts these visitors who just want information into customers who want to buy…because they were so impressed with what they saw.

So unless your customers are cavemen, you don’t need a website.


People search for information of products and services in the Internet nowadays. Businesses that do not appear in the list of those search results are missing the chance to connect with those potential customers.

If a competitor is dominating local search results in the Internet for the products or services you are selling, it’s time to upgrade, and I’m here to help. Expand your target market now.


“But I already have a Facebook page.” My friend, every business has a Facebook page. What makes your business more credible? What makes it stand out? Two advantages of a custom-built website is uniqueness and more control. You have brand recognition. It leaves a mark in your visitors’ head because your website gave them a unique experience.

If you believe your business is special, don’t you think your online presence should be one too? Set yourself apart now.

If you dream these things for your business, what a coincidence – I make these things come true. Click here to get in touch!