Laf Cafe

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Case Study: A Cafe Website


Laf Cafe takes pride in their best-selling menu specials and their fun and friendly brand personality. They want their website to help increase sales and brand awareness.

Laf Cafe also holds contests to give away freebies or coupons as prices. Their website is going to be a medium to hold these contests for their customers.

Laf Cafe wishes website visitors to call their number 123-456-789 for inquiries – something that sets Laf Cafe apart from other cafes in the city.

Solution Summary

  • A prominent telephone number.
  • A testimonial slider.
  • Showcase Laf Cafe’s best-selling menu specials.
  • Gallery of images of the cafe, its food, and happy people eating at the cafe.
  • A Freeies page to encourage visitors to enter and participate in Laf Cafe’s contests.
  • The cafe website should make an impression of a fun and friendly hangout to their audience.

Design Backbone

Keeping the brand personality in mind…


Laf Cafe fonts

Color Palette:


Accent 1

Accent 2

Base 1

Base 2


The Design

Laf Cafe design