Go Image

Case Study: A Signage, Print, and Design Company


This is another exciting project I did for Fix My Web. My job was to convert their web design into a fully-functioning website. I used pure HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery (and libraries), and PHP to develop every page and functionality since Go Image did not opt for a CMS.

Website Highlights


Doing great work results to happy ang loyal customers. Go Image has testimonials displayed on their home page as a slider. Go Image has a competitive credibility by including an actual photo or company logo, name, company and position.


Considering Go Image’s line of work, the highlight of their website should be their portfolio. Their portfolio page includes a filter function for viewers who want to see specific type of Go Image’s work.

Wall Art

Go Image does amazing wall art. The Wall Art page of their website allows visitors to design their own wall art online. This is powered by HP WallArt Suite.

The Home Page

Go Image home page VIEW LIVE WEBSITE