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The Difference Between A Blog and A Website

The Short Answer

The difference between a blog and a website you say?

The short answer: a blog is a website but not all websites are blogs.

The Explanation

The long answer a.k.a the explanation:

To understand this better, it’s easier to define a website first: a website is a collection of web pages that are under a single domain. An example of a website is It’s a cool website, and you’re visiting it right now. Your life is complete now.

“But what are web pages?” These are the individual pages that make up a website. This actual page you are on is an example of a web page.

“And what is a domain?” A domain, or a domain name, is a unique name that identifies an organization on the Internet. Of course, there’s more to domain names than that, but domain name is a whole topic on its own, and we will not cover it in detail today. Some examples of domain names are:

  • (I know, right)

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That’s a picture of a cat to get your attention back. Moving on,

Why Is A Blog Considered A Website?

Now that you know what a website is, you should be able to tell why a blog is a website – it’s because blogs are a collection of web pages under a single domain.

Not All Wesites Are Blogs

Now to understand why not all websites are blogs, let’s define a ‘blog’: a blog is a website that gets regularly updated with new content, by a person or a small group, to express personal thoughts, opinions, or ideas on a matter.

Meaning, a website falls under the category of a ‘blog’ if it’s being regularly updated with new content. It’s also worth noting that the content being added (also known as blog post) are arranged and displayed on the website in a chronological order.

NOTE: A blog can make up the whole website, or it can just be a part of a website (like this one).


The word ‘blog’ came from the original word ‘weblog’. Weblog = web + log.

So basically, blogging is the act of logging on the web. The kinds of things that a food blogger “logs” may be different from the “log” topics that a mathematician blogs about. There are travel blogs, food blogs, educational blogs, video blogs a.k.a vlogs, and so much more.

People make blogs for different reasons. When I was a teenager, I blogged because it was an outlet. You could blog about your road trip adventures around the country, or to share your original recipes to the whole world, or to share your expertise and educate other people, or something else. Whatever the reason is, it’s important that you know the difference of a blog and a website.

What About You?

So now that you know the difference, are you thinking of starting a website soon? Will you be blogging in your website? Do you have other questions? Comment below!

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