Andrea Vicente Mangeg

A Registered Massage Therapist Website


Andrea Mangeg wanted a website so people can check what services she offers. She also wants her website to allow her customers to book their appointments on the website.


  • First of all, if a new visitor checked Andrea’s website, why would the person book an appointment with her? Showing the RMT associations that Andrea belongs to helps with this goal. This is done just below the fold of the website.

  • Still, the best way to encourage new people to book with you is to show social proof. Her website does this by showing customer testimonials.

  • I also decided to embed Google Maps before the footer so clients can easily find her in-house location.

  • Finally, the website has an online booking feature. The usual online forms that we find in websites just ask for your name, email, number, and your message. Andrea’s booking form actually saves time for her clients by eliminating back-and-forth q&a. How? By asking the essential questions upfront through her in-depth booking form.

  • Last but not the least, her contact information are shown in the website footer. When a user clicks on her email, the website automatically opens the user’s default email app with Andrea’s email as the recipient. When a mobile phone user clicks on Andrea’s phone numbers, the website automatically launches the mobile phone’s dialer with Andrea’s number.

  • The Final Result

    After the first revision in the design phase of this project, five pages were designed to follow the original plan. However, Andrea wanted something minimal and requested for a one-page website. Normally, I would advise against this for SEO reasons, but in this project’s case, it is a good exception. Since the website has little content, having a one-page website is also a good path to take. We finally agreed to keep everything else but the booking form on one page, and have a separate page for the booking form.

    The second revision of design phase resulted to a totally new look with a minimalistic touch that focuses on the context of the website.

    Check it out!

    Andrea Vicente Mangeg website screenshot VIEW LIVE WEBSITE